2017 Models vs.2016/2015 (or older) Models

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Old Model vs. New Model: What’s the difference? 

On the internet and even more in the local shops, there is a wide variety of car seats to choose from; so many different brands, sizes and models. With every year, there is a new model. More designs, more colours, more options. But what makes the newer model the better choice? 

Generally each generation of new car seat models means more improvements and better security for your child. Therefore the newer models undergo comprehensive testing measures for example frontal crash and side-impact testing, which allows brands to restructure, upgrade and redesign the seats to accommodate children. These tests systematically check all safety aspects including newer technologies such as the Isofix system. With each year of testing and collecting more experience, the safety potential of car seats has continuously improved and enhances the safety of your child.

Additionally, the new colours and designs allow you to choose from a bigger variety and keep up with recent trends. So, all in all why wouldn’t you choose the newer model? 

Especially with prices remaining almost the same between older and newer models, opting for the newer one should be the clear choice.
Many of our competitors only offer older models which have less testing, less improvements and could have a higher risk for your child. As you know, safety and quality are the most important aspect of a child’s car seat and if you choose the most recent model, you can be assured that you have made the right choice.


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