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Chinese environmental monitoring industry market situation and response

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Chinese environmental monitoring industry market situation and response

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[REVIEW] Environmental monitoring in pollution reduction, pollution sources census, soil survey, macro strategy research, water projects and other key environmental protection work, technical support has played an important role. In recent years, environmental monitoring business with deep and environmental requirements of the situation, monitoring capability is not strong, the level of monitoring hysteresis, monitoring equipment and other issues of aging gradually exposed, has become a constraining the development of the important factors of environmental monitoring. Environmental monitoring development and reform is urgently needed.


    With the rapid economic and social development, environmental issues have become increasingly prominent, specific terms PM10, PM2.5, STP, global warming, energy conservation and environmental protection and other fields, has become the world's countries and peoples of the focus of attention, people gradually raise awareness of environmental protection and continuous improvement of the national environmental protection requirements. Environmental monitoring in pollution reduction, pollution sources census, soil survey, macro strategy research, water projects and other key environmental protection work, technical support has played an important role. Environmental monitoring both on the current environmental quality, pollution monitoring, can also be used as emergency monitoring techniques for emergency environmental pollution incidents for effective prevention and monitoring. In recent years, environmental monitoring business with deep and environmental requirements of the situation, monitoring capability is not strong, the level of monitoring hysteresis, monitoring equipment and other issues of aging gradually exposed, has become a constraining the development of the important factors of environmental monitoring. Environmental monitoring development and reform is urgently needed.

    China Industrial Information Network released "2015--2020 market supply and demand of China's environmental monitoring forecast and market special research report" pointed out: China's environmental monitoring stage of rapid development, environmental-line monitoring system is still large-scale construction phase, coverage will also continue expand. According to incomplete statistics, the current national environmental monitoring business enterprises engaged in a total of about 200, the majority of enterprises engaged in the development of waste gas, waste water, ambient air, surface water and other on-line automatic monitoring system, production, installation, operation (including integrators). Of these, about 120 emission-line monitoring system for production, about 80 production wastewater on-line monitoring system. Environmental monitoring equipment industry sales revenue increased year by year, up from 1.584 billion yuan in 2005 to 19.644 billion yuan in 2014.


  One. Overview of environmental monitoring

    Environmental monitoring is the environment for the object, using physical, chemical and biological technology, on which the pollutants and their related components of a comprehensive analysis of qualitative, quantitative and systematic study to explore the environmental quality variation. Its mandate is to pair the pollutants in environmental samples were identified and tested, and research on the nature of a certain historical period and within a certain space of environmental quality, composition and structure, the main contents include: atmospheric environmental monitoring, water environment monitoring, soil environment monitoring, solid waste monitoring, environmental bio-monitoring, environmental radioactivity monitoring and environmental noise monitoring.

    At present, China has formed a government environmental monitoring network, including covering the surface water quality monitoring network of surface water monitoring sections (points) and automatic water quality monitoring stations in major water bodies thereof; establishing key environmental protection cities air automatic monitoring stations, acid rain monitoring sites bit and sandstorm monitoring stations of the ambient air quality monitoring network; manual monitoring and automatic monitoring combining pollution monitoring network; the same time, China's coastal waters also built environment monitoring network. To promote the scientific development of environmental monitoring, environmental monitoring requires taking a step forward to strengthen basic, strategic and forward-looking role in environmental protection, and strongly recommended the standardization and modernization of environmental monitoring, environmental monitoring and management to explore the establishment of a national game, monitoring teams up and down the train and monitor the network integration of modern world environmental monitoring pattern.

    Environmental monitoring includes monitoring of water quality monitoring, atmospheric monitoring, as well as other indicators; and solid waste treatment industry monitoring are basically leachate generated in the process, odor, burning exhaust and other monitoring; other indicators, mainly refers to in all sectors of the target mass, volume, temperature and the like. These indicators combine all aspects of the environmental protection industry will be monitored.

 Environmental monitoring as eyes throughout all aspects of the environmental industry


  Second, the situation analysis

  1, the state promote environmental regulatory work, bring in increments of monitoring market

    This year, the countries to strengthen the supervision of the environment, including the water environment, air quality monitoring, and enterprise-level supervision work. Up to now, the country has established more than 2,700 monitoring stations, monitoring of nearly 60,000, monitoring equipment 268,000 Taiwan (sets); National 338 prefecture-level cities and more than 1,436 real-time release site six automatic ambient air pollution concentration and ambient air quality index.

    2011-2015 China environmental monitoring equipment production scale prediction

   Various types of water environment monitoring point median situation is more stable in recent years,

 In recent years, increasing the enterprise level monitoring point, on-line monitoring increases



  2, monitors

  Environmental monitoring staff is weak, the lack of top-notch talent, research capacity is not strong, team quality and urgency of the situation, onerous task incompatible. Prepared by the institution personnel constraints, the introduction of environmental monitoring of talent, management, training and so the lack of effective incentive and competition mechanism. In recent years, although there are some graduates face employment environmentally universities, but most of the second, three points since the preparation of full or overcrowded, not able to recruit university graduates to enter, leading to monitoring personnel lean, age structure extremely unreasonable. In addition, the station complex, the lack of high-level talent plaque, monitoring personnel often develop in standard, special research and advanced equipment and other aspects of the operation appeared to be inadequate.


  3, environmental monitoring capacity is lagging behind

    1) Environmental monitoring instruments behind. Environmental monitoring instruments main products are all kinds of water and air pollution monitoring, noise and vibration monitoring, radioactive and electromagnetic monitoring instruments. In recent years, China's environmental monitoring instruments have been greatly developed, dust sampler, gas sampler, total suspended particulate samplers, oil analyzer, sewage flow meters and other environmental monitoring equipment has approached or reached the international advanced level in the domestic market a large proportion. But domestic large-scale laboratory by atomic absorption, UV-visible spectrophotometer, gas chromatography and other monitoring equipment automatic control technology uses a lesser extent, the key components are still dependent on imports. The majority of our environmental monitoring equipment manufacturing enterprises are small, low-tech, basic products are middle and low, far can not meet the new requirements of monitoring the development of the environment. At the same time there is a low level of production duplication; unstable performance, consistency is poor; life is short, the failure rate; low self research and development capability; low production capacity of the other defects.

    2) Environmental monitoring and early warning capability poor. Pollution incident occurs, it can not be done fast response, coupled with the lack of pollution automatic monitoring and flow monitoring capabilities, it is difficult to provide data support.

Monitors environmental monitoring lack of knowledge, operational capacity is uneven. The new science and technology continue to be applied to the cause of environmental protection, monitoring techniques, monitoring methods constantly updated, improved, all this requires monitors continuously updated business knowledge, so the times. Currently, business training monitoring bodies held too little, if any, often extending to the provincial and municipal ended, county monitoring departments rarely have the opportunity to participate, resulting in uneven monitors the operational capacity and can not effectively solve the practical Difficulties and problems encountered in the work.

  4. Environmental Monitoring Quality Control imperfect

  Environmental monitoring quality to be improved. Full program of quality management at all levels of environmental monitoring stations usually focus on internal quality control laboratory, light environmental monitoring, supervision and management of insufficient quality monitoring, self-discipline and external oversight mechanisms to be perfect. Quality system can not be effectively run.

  5. Monitoring of technical standards and methods to be improved

  "Eleventh Five-Year" since the grass-roots environmental monitoring department workload is increasing, many data monitoring methods used in the past, although simple, but obtained no longer accurate, using the original monitoring equipment, monitoring methods can not meet the environmental development needs, improved monitoring methods have become a trend. National environmental quality standards and emission standards, there are some limitations, the monitoring of the project can not fully reflect the environmental quality. Existing national standard analytical method has some flaws, when different levels of the sample, the matrix does not exist at the same time very different. In addition, due to the level of development and the development of instruments and equipment subject to certain contaminants lack of standard analytical methods, the need to develop qualitative and quantitative, rapid and accurate analytical method.


  Three、Developing countermeasures, environmental monitoring

    To make environmental protection a greater development must give full play to the important role of environmental monitoring in environmental management and environmental law enforcement in the end we should take active measures to develop the cause of China's environmental monitoring.

    A) raise awareness of the importance of environmental monitoring status

    We should clearly recognize that the environmental monitoring environmental protection work in the whole role, we must pay attention to environmental monitoring, because it is doing the work on the basis of environmental protection, environmental protection department management basis. With the development of environmental science, people concerned about the pollution of both chemicals, but also noticed a variety of physical factors, the harm caused by radiation; not only concerned about environmental pollution harm to human health, but also increasingly aware of environmental pollution Adverse effects on ecosystems; not only concerned about conventional pollutants, are increasingly concerned about contamination of trace substances. Therefore, we must adhere to the rule of law, strengthen environmental supervision and management, effective implementation of "environmental impact assessment", "sewage charges," "comprehensive urban environmental improvement examination system" and other systems, and the establishment of these systems, first of all you need We strengthen environmental monitoring, in order to timely and accurate grasp of environmental quality and pollution, and to provide the necessary data to support the administration.

    Ii) increase capital investment, improve the monitoring equipment

    Environmental monitoring work must be well-equipped with advanced equipment and the corresponding means test, which requires there must be sufficient funds for protection. Environmental protection departments at all levels should actively seek the support of the local financial sector and the environmental protection departments at all levels, and strive to personnel expenses stations, public funds, research funds and special funds included in the full fiscal year budget at the same level, and to do year by year increased conditional also actively open up new sources of funding, make full use of aid funds, private funds. According to the actual needs of the environment monitoring, and improve environmental monitoring equipment purchase research, examination and approval procedures, planned, organized, renewal and replacement of environmental monitoring equipment, strengthen environmental monitoring technology and equipment to ensure the diversity of environmental monitoring instruments to the test , technical standardization, information and the development of computerized parties, to maximize the role of environmental monitoring in environmental management.

    C) to strengthen the environmental monitoring team building

    Environmental monitoring is to accurately measure fetch data, scientific data and analytical data of the integrated use of reasonable process, accurate, reliable and comparable monitoring data is the basis for the work of environmental science, environmental management basis. This requires that we must be a team of environmental monitoring parties and excellent quality of the team, the first to have a wider knowledge requires us to monitor personnel familiar with national environmental protection and environmental monitoring party and the principles, policies, laws and regulations familiar with monitoring techniques, master monitor quality assurance of content, procedures and methods, and to influence the reasons summarized analytical data and the resulting changes. Second, we must work, environmental monitoring work is hard work, requiring the monitoring personnel in the whole monitoring process must be rigorous and accurate monitoring data need to monitor staff pay a lot of labor. Therefore, environmental monitoring team building for the effective implementation of environmental monitoring plays a vital role. All relevant departments should strictly follow the requirements, strict monitors doorway, trying to improve the overall quality of employees; boldly introducing high, refined, sharp talent, and create a good working and living environment to stabilize the growth of talent and personnel; strengthening Environmental monitoring personnel monitoring capacity of the professional training, regular, targeted training activities to improve the professional level of employees.

    Iv) strengthen the system construction, supervision and monitoring departments to perform their duties

    First, we must implement the responsibility system for environmental monitoring. Various departments to effectively improve and implement accountability measures, for failure to perform their duties, the measures are not in place, should be held accountable relevant personnel, environmental protection departments at all levels should actively

    Urge to do environmental monitoring Environmental Monitoring Station.

    Second, establish and improve quality management systems for environmental monitoring. In order to ensure real environmental monitoring data, reliable, objective and maintain the legal authority of environmental monitoring data, we must crack down on negligent conduct monitoring malfeasance appearing.

    Finally, internal quality control and external oversight combined. Stations not only to establish a scientific and reasonable quality assurance management system, define their respective responsibilities, to develop appropriate evaluation system of penalties, but also establish and improve the external oversight mechanisms. Ensure the monitoring work in every aspect of regulatory compliance, the investigation of an accident or out of major quality assessment unqualified personnel should be held accountable, forcing stations since the pressure, constantly improve the internal supervision mechanism, and from the substantial effect.

(From Instrument Network)

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