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2014 meter industry bottomed

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2014 meter industry bottomed

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    Compared with developed countries, the domestic industry is not only the overall size of the meter is relatively small, and the proportion of the total economy is relatively low. 2004 meter domestic industry output value accounted for less than 0.8 percent of GDP, in 2012 the index is only 1.33%. According to the report of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Department of Commerce (NIST) said the United States in the 1990s, the index has reached 4 percent. Therefore, we believe that the domestic industry is still flowmeter broad space for development, industry output proportion of GDP will gradually improve.

    In recent years the domestic industry has been rapid development of the flowmeter, 2004 industry output value RMB 100 mark for the first time, by the end of 2012 industrial output value is close to 700 billion yuan. Especially in 2004 - five years between 2008, the industry average annual compound growth rate of over 30%. With 12 years of macroeconomic downside, industry growth has entered a stage of the trough, but from the fourth quarter of last year, the industry growth rate began to stabilize and rebound. Enter 13 years later, the warming trend has been further confirmed.

    For investment opportunities in the second half, our logic thread: with policy, see macro selected companies. The introduction and implementation of related policies, market potential can be transformed into market demand, such as the introduction of the policy in environmental monitoring, food safety, energy conservation, safety and other aspects, will push the market demand in these areas start, enhance willingness to invest, in order to enable enterprises to comply with the relevant regulations and standards.

    For the second half of the overall situation of the industry, we believe in the process of macroeconomic stabilization and recovery, meter industry will also gradually phase out the bottom, but the process will be relatively long, the increase is limited, differentiation within the industry segments will be more obvious. Specific to the investment strategy in the second half, we believe that the main theme should seize investment opportunities in type, that is, to see the introduction of incentives and the implementation, we are optimistic about prospects for the development of intelligent measurement instruments, environmental monitoring instruments and other sub-areas. Smart Metering growth is relatively OK, big space for future development, performance assurance; and environmental monitoring equipment will benefit from environmental incentives, related products will usher in the explosive growth. In addition, food safety and other aspects of heavy metal detection may also be some opportunities. We focus on individual stocks recommend Gold Shares, snow Dillon and Xintian Technology, proposes a focus Skyray, a precedent for environmental protection and condenser technology.

    Meter industry development in the country is also facing some problems, industry catalyst (front): environmental protection, energy metering reform, networking and new urbanization. Risk Warning (negative): GEM valuation correction, industry competition, decline in corporate gross margin, policy efforts to implement than expected and other risks. Overall, the meter rapid development of industry, there is still much room for growth in the future.

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