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Jie-related equipment by the pipeline system caused by electromagnetic flowmeter failure and Case Studies

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Jie-related equipment by the pipeline system caused by electromagnetic flowmeter failure and Case Studies

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    Cause electromagnetic flowmeter failure of many, this section we host for cause electromagnetic flowmeter failure source from a brief analysis on piping systems and related equipment, according to our conclusion, cause of the fault caused by a pipeline and related equipment are The following six cases, they are:

1, poor installation;

2, less than the tube;

3, piping gas retention;

4, continuous inhalation of gases;

5, pulsating reciprocating pump or flow control valve oscillation generated;

6, change the course of flow conditions.

    The reason this form of practical work, six kinds of failures are not the same, and some are even mixed with each other for many reasons caused the fault, so we in the actual examination process, we should pay attention to all aspects of the case must be done hearts Several, for usage as much as possible to grasp the pipeline, to be able in the shortest possible time, the most efficient to find and solve problems.

1, the installation of poor

Installation bad examples are: (1) the connection between the flow sensor and the pipe diameter match misconduct, the difference is too big, (1S091 (4: 1991 provides: In the absence recommended by the manufacturer, the connection pipe diameter not less than the inner diameter of the flow sensor can not be Big Size: 3% diameter); (2) between the flow sensor and the pipe gasket sudden people flow path; (3) before the near flow sensor flexible flow items have serious velocity distribution distortion or rotating flow, straight insufficient segment mainly these causes. Flow measurement value and the actual value does not match, and sometimes there will be output shaking.

Case 1 above examples, though not directly caused by the installation of mismanagement exemplified, but for some reason but with the flow sensor into the same end of the gasket into the flow path.

2, less than the tube

Due to insufficient or poor backpressure flow sensor installation position, resulting in its failure to measuring tube filled with liquid, Symptom full extent because they do not have different performance and liquidity situation. If a small amount of gas was stratified flow or wavy flow, fault phenomenon in horizontal pipe to increase the performance of error, that does not match the flow rate measurement value and the actual value; if the flow is bubbly flow or plug flow, fault phenomenon discrepancies addition to measuring the actual value In addition, also due to cover the electrode surface and the gas phase instantaneous output appears shaking. If the horizontal pipe stratified flow in the flow area of the gas phase portion is increased, that is liquid under increasing degree pipe, the output will appear shaking. If the liquid under the tube to the liquid surface electrode or less, is output over the full-scale phenomenon.

3, piping gas retention

A reason for piping gas retention is unable to discharge before enabling air inside the net tube, which remain in piping gas to accumulate high point, when the flow of liquid entrainment, showing bubble-like outflow; another reason enough small bubbles entrained in the liquid gradually gathered , retention in the pipe line high. Fault performance for flow measurement and actual values do not match, and output shaking.

4, reciprocating pump or oscillation of the pulsating flow control valve

Reciprocating pumps and pumping flow measuring point and not away from the pump, pulsating electromagnetic flowmeter output stream will shake, sometimes measurement error. To mitigate the impact of fluctuating for the instrument, generally can be taken to improve the electromagnetic flowmeter excitation frequency or increase the resistance Nepal; in terms of piping system can be installed by the gas chamber and other damping devices. Piping flow control mismatch control valve opening and closing oscillation will form a pulsating flow.

5, using the process flow status change

Usually after a period of normal operation of the instrument commissioning, also due to changes in the flow of state failure. Although the reasons for this failure occurrence probability is not high, but the cause of the malfunction in the analysis of this factor should not be forgotten.

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