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Glass rotameter Questions

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Glass rotameter Questions

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How to use glass rotor flowmeter, Yuyao Yinhuan Flowmeters Ltd. to help you answer questions:

  First, turn on the meter glass varieties and selection

   Glass rotor flowmeter according to its use and adaptation range can be divided into: general type, ribbed vascular type, micro flow and small form factor type, corrosion-resistant type, laboratory type, insulation type, alarm type and high pressure type eight series. Formulated in accordance with national instruments series spectrum, regardless of which series, most ranging from 1 mm to 100 mm 12 caliber Total number of measurable flow range are: liquid (water) 0.1 ml / min to 40 m3 / h, gas (air) 1 ml / min to 1000 m3 / h. For environmental protection equipment matching glass rotameter generally not more than 10 mm diameter, flow measurement is a small flow range.

    Use glass rotor flowmeter can be considered from the following aspects

  1. The object of measurement. That measure media type, size of the pressure, and chemical properties. The liquid medium, gaseous medium, for corrosive media should be selected decay meter.

  2. Flowmeter performance itself. After the above-mentioned conditions are determined Generally speaking, if the price is not a big change, it may be preferred needle placed in the upper part of the meter; a larger hole in circulation is a direct flow scale; simple structure; the smaller external dimensions, etc. . In the case of small flow range, you can choose the ball float, because it measured stable, easy to dust, high precision, good interchangeability.

  3. Selection based on price. Generally speaking, high precision high price. According to the choice of instrument accuracy level measurement purposes, as long as the control medium by measuring the amount of adjustment after trial operation, after the need has always been stable throughput, so accuracy is secondary.

  Second, the glass rotor meteor meter scale correction

    Scale glass rotor flowmeter production plant in the factory conditions close to ideal fluid with water and dry air as a medium calibration obtained. But the use of the meter site, there are two situations can not directly use its scale value: one measuring medium instead of water and air, and the second is the measured medium, although water and air, but its status (temperature and pressure.) And scale state are different. Thus, the use of the meter, in order to obtain correct measurement results, it appeared the need to scale value correcting problems. Thus, to solve the glass rotor flowmeter calibration amendments, this is the key to good use of the instrument.

  Taking into account environmental instrumentation spinner with a large number of mining measured gas medium traffic, so far as the following when measuring gaseous medium density correction will be discussed. Since the viscosity of the gas medium is small, and therefore omit discussion of viscosity. Practice has proved that this does not affect the accuracy of the corrected.


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