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Yinhuan Traffic Instrument Co., Ltd. Yuyao City, formerly known as Yuyao Flow Meter Factory and China Silian Group Yuyao flow meter joint venture company, is the second national enterprises, specializing in the production flow meters and other industrial automation instruments. With the domestic first-class water flow, air flow, oil flow standard calibration device, through the "China Institute of Metrology" test, the country's leading comprehensive testing capabilities.

       The company mainly produces and sells float flowmeters, electromagnetic flowmeters, vortex flowmeters, oval gear flow meters, turbine flow meters and other products, more variety, full specifications. Widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, paper, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection and scientific research and other fields. And exported to Southeast Asia, South America, Europe and other countries.

       Companies adhere to and different, invasive and relentless corporate culture, and constantly strengthen enterprise infrastructure management and total quality management, and in 1988 was named corporate management of the Steering Committee of the State Council for the state enterprises. Glass rotameter LZB whole series in 1990 won the National Silver superior product title. Ningbo City won the Quality Management Award and Zhejiang Machinery Systems Quality Management Award. The company is rotameter, one vortex flowmeters, electromagnetic flowmeters and differential pressure measuring devices and other 13 kinds of national standards drafting unit. In 2001 the company passed the ISO9001 international quality certification system, in 2012 adopted the ISO14001 environmental management system certification.


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